What is really going on between Tina Karol and Dan Balan?

Since the days of the “Voice of the country”, where Tina and Dan sat star coaches, spectators noticed that between them, like something in there.

Что на самом деле происходит между Тиной Кароль и Даном Баланом?

Not once during the broadcast were flirting with each other, and no wonder that soon talking about the affair. “The voice” is over and the relationship artists have remained a mystery. But recently, Dan and Tina performed live on “Dancing with the stars” with the song “Home”, during which did not hide tender glances. About the novel, the artists started talking again. However, Tina said that it is still early about something to speak.

“It is too early to say what it means, this song is a courtship, or just a collaboration of two talented people. He is a talented composer, singer, actor. Let’s see yet something more than flowers, “Voice of the country” and my pumpkin was not,” commented Tina in “social life”.

However, the singer admits that in the presence of Dana, she is really confused.

“Well, of course, he’s handsome. He’s tall, look at him, Yes, “Oh”. Feel small, which is good for every girl. If I hesitate, I don’t know,” admitted the actress.