What is stronger improves cholesterol beef steak or chicken leg?

A recent study by American scientists proves — problems with cholesterol level can be from red and white meats. Saturated fats are everywhere, so if you don’t like chicken, there is no sense to give up the steaks just for the sake of lowering the cholesterol level.

Что сильнее повышает холестерин — говяжий стейк или куриная ножка?

The fact that saturated fats like those present in relatively high amounts in red meat and white. The transition solely on the chicken will not yield results. To reduce cholesterol, is necessary in principle to reduce the consumption of saturated fats. At the same time, in order not to sacrifice the important for our body protein, try to eat more vegetable protein — soy, beans, peas, lentils.

How to make meat safer in terms of cholesterol?

American scientists from Boston University believe that the most important is the fat content of meat. If we compare the fried chicken leg with skin and deep fried beef steak, it will be released around the same level of saturated fat. So chicken fans, and fans of red meat should choose the right pieces of lean. And also, always remove the skin, trim off the excess fat. The second principle is preparation. Any kind of grilled meat is not the most useful products. Lean cuts of meat should be boiled or baked and so it is better digested and passed through the intestines on the side preferred vegetables.

The scientists also added that red meat still has one advantage — it has more iron and other minerals.