What is the age of the most dangerous men and women

Scientists from the U.S. and Finland, told the age at which men and women need to treat their health carefully.

Какой возраст самый опасный у мужчин и у женщин

The specialists of the health Center in Texas and the Central hospital at the University of Helsinki conducted a long-term study, which identified age, correlaries with a high risk of death from the consequences of vascular diseases.

Scientists have carefully analyzed thousands of case histories of people of different races. It turned out that the most dangerous age in men starts after 40 years. And women should closely monitor the health after 30 years.

It is in these age categories in men and women, noted by scholars, a high risk of heart attack or stroke. Factors that provoke the development of these disorders are stress, Smoking, alcohol and poor diet.

Earlier it was reported that a stroke in recent years has become much “younger” and found even 25-year-old, although previously the risk this age has never been.