What is the difference between autumn autumn melancholy and depression, the experts found out

Despite the fact that many see autumn as the season of the rains, slush and colds, there are those who like the rustle of leaves underfoot, mesmerizing Golden foliage, good autumn coolness. Some people are Moody status call Blues, and still others with depression. The experts decided to find out: what is the difference between autumn depression and just depression.

Какая разница между осенней хандрой и осенней депрессией, выяснили эксперты

Actually, apathy, fatigue, lack of energy and vitality are not a reason to seek help from professionals for treatment of depression. This is just the autumn Blues. This condition of the body associated with the transitional seasonal period.

Autumn melancholy it includes the whole range of negative symptoms associated with the transition from summer to autumn. But prolonged depression can easily trigger the development of depression.

In order to not allow your body to fall into depression, psychologists recommend to do what you love: visit your favorite places, eat your favorite foods, visit friends who do not irritate you, etc. Try to spend more time outdoors. Adding oxygen to the body, you will improve the metabolic processes throughout the body, including the brain.

Try to enter in your diet sufficient amounts of vitamins and eat only healthy food. Normalize sleep. Remember to sleep at least 7 hours a day. In the fall of your body can “request” an addition of a couple of hours of sleep — don’t deprive him of this pleasure. So you can more easily adapt to the new season.

Autumn is the perfect time for sports and exercises improves your self-development.

If you find it difficult to overcome the autumn Blues with the help of the suggested tips — ask for help from professionals. It will help you painlessly overcome the situation and to prevent the development of depression.