What is the difference between McDonald’s restaurants in the United States and Russia: impressions of a traveller

The author of the channel “Doodle in the margins” on “Yandex.Zen” talks about her traditions while traveling in all the countries where he sometimes tries to visit the local restaurants of fast food McDonald’s. What surprised him the “Maquis” in the US? Hereinafter in the first person.

Чем отличаются рестораны McDonald’s в США и России: впечатления путешественника

The oldest operating McDonald’s in the United States, opened in 1953. Downey, California. Photo: Shutterstock

A visit to McDonald’s gives me a lot more about the country. Although this is a global network and standardized, but there are always certain features, touches to the portrait.

The prices of basic burgers give additional information about the economy.

There are always differences in countries, staff working in the restaurant. In some cases, different menu. In Beijing along with the standard menu Mac, you can buy traditional Chinese food like noodles. In Czech Republic you can buy beer in McDonald’s, although in most countries of the world, this network does not sell beer.

Different clean restaurants, it behaves like the staff, the service, etc. can tell a Lot contingent of visitors from the local community.

And nowhere near McDonald’s no such popularity, as in Russia. If the world McDonald’s is basically the business model of franchising, and until recently all the operating activities in Russia, McDonald’s led independently, And only recently, at the entrance to the regions of Russia, McDonald’s started to use franchising, as it is more economically risky projects.

When I traveled through California in the United States, and also visited Las Vegas, I in all cities tried to look into McDonald’s.

What surprised me is that, unlike Russia, in the USA McDonald’s — unpopular fast food.

Walking around Los Angeles and visiting different areas, I found two restaurants. In Las Vegas, on main street, The Strip, there are McDonald’s restaurants, and also near one of the bus stations. But I was surprised that all the cafes and restaurants are crowded in the evening, everywhere you turn, but in McDonald’s, hardly anyone used.

Visit McDonald’s in the US, mainly the poor, homeless, sometimes newly arrived immigrants. And if there are no other institutions or there turn, then the travelers. The middle class completely ignores them. And for three weeks I have never seen in a restaurant of parents with children that after Russia was very surprised.

If to compare with Russia, the service and condition of the restaurants on a solid C grade. Compared to our “Poppies” in the United States they are dirty, the bathroom clean, did not seem to every hour, this is how we do. Often, in order to get to the toilet, you have to ask staff to open it. Some restaurants give your key code, somewhere presses a button and the door opens, there are restaurants where the code to enter the toilet knocked on the check. This is to ensure that homeless people are not abused.

Feature of all the McDonald’s restaurants I’ve visited, was that, having paid once, a refreshing drink and having a glass, you can an infinite number of times to approach the apparatus and pour the drink. In addition to drinks which can be bought from us in the “Mak” in the US is Dr.Pepper. Americans love him for some reason.

In the capital of California, Sacramento, in one of the McDonald’s sat all day the same contingent of African-Americans, apparently, homeless. All day drinking soda. Periodically came the homeless, to visit the toilet.

In Russia, I’ve used that to the nuggets, the fries, shrimp and everything else you can always order a variety of sauces — usually about eight. In the us McDonald’s I was disappointed. The only sauce that was ketchup. And that’s all. It or gave the cashier in small bags, or was he in these same bags on a special table, where disposable lids, straws, forks, stirrers etc.

Some restaurants were large special equipment, and could of them to squeeze yourself ketchup in any amount. And where they stood was a disgusting picture. Since there is rarely removed, the circle napisano, stained, in General, all this ketchup. Russian McDonald’s restaurants after this picture for me is remembered as the premium-class.

Some sort of the big Mac, of course, with coffee available for purchase separately. But mostly offer a variety of menu combos. And there, where I was hung by offers that combo with the prices, not the burgers.

The staff that works in the U.S. McDonald’s restaurants, generally has a low social status, they could also be newly arrived migrants with official status. Often, Latinos and African Americans. Interestingly, in the shift, staffed by Latinos, not put to work, African Americans, and Vice versa. For some reason they don’t very well tolerate each other and work together to have serious conflicts. In Sacramento four days I visited the McDonald’s near the MOTEL 6 SACRAMENTO WEST is a 2*. Worked any shift, wholly consisting of Latinos, or mixed of African American and white. Our immigrants have confirmed the presence of this problem in other businesses.

In the Russian McDonald’s restaurants, along with the usual cash are often self-service kiosks where you can order and pay by card. In the U.S. McDonald’s restaurants is a rarity. Also none of those that I visited, there was a terminal with the ability to pay in a contactless manner, just with a Bank card.

On my way by bus to Las Vegas from Los Angeles we made a sanitary stop for half an hour in a place where, among other things, was McDonald’s. For the sake of interest, and to exchange money, I tried to pay with a $ 100 bill. It caused a very big commotion from the restaurant: they are “stuck”, not knowing what to do. After I in broken English explained that I was a traveler from Europe, caused the Manager of the restaurant, with his permission took my bill by checking in front of this special marker. And so I usually used my credit ruble card. If you’re in USA, try not to take 100-dollar bills, at least the fifties. Hundreds attracted to you unwanted attention, in addition, it may not accept as payment, as it may not be the date or a special token for verification.

The original column published in the blog “Doodle in the margins” on “Yandex.Zen”

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