What is useful to eat in November: a review of seasonal vegetables and fruits

Already in almost all regions of Russia the first snow came the cold and harsh month of autumn. Cloudy mood can brighten up a variety of tasty and healthy vegetables and fruits that appear at markets and stores.

Чем полезным полакомиться в ноябре: обзор сезонных овощей и фруктов


It was in November persimmons are sweet, ripe and juicy. It is believed that the honey taste from Azerbaijan. By the way, if you want to buy a ripe persimmon should focus on its color – the whiter, the more likely that beaut to have astringent taste.


Some markets still have watermelon varieties “chill” — this is the last chance to enjoy the biggest berries this year. Also the market is and melon varieties “Torpedo”.


This vegetable is directly associated with autumn, so a sin not to take a couple of fruits and not indulge yourself with a pumpkin porridge, or baked in the oven.


It was in November begin to appear after a long break, really sweet and juicy tangerines – Abkhaz. By the way, they have no bones.


This fruit has a short season, in Russia it also and tangerines coming from Abkhazia. Remember that it has a high content of iodine, which is important for maintaining the health of the thyroid gland.

Apples and grapes

In November on the shelves appears the long-awaited “Antonivka”, “ambrosia”, and many any varieties of grapes are “raisins” and “lady fingers.

The Yalta onions

Onions, which is also called flat sliced red onion, may be in November. Unlike conventional, it has a mild and sweet flavor and good caramellised.