What kind of assistance to the quarantine can expect the Ukrainians

Ukrainians in the conditions of the quarantine imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus, can rely on social benefits.

На какую помощь в условиях карантина могут рассчитывать украинцы

As the Wave passes about it in its submission, writes KP.

The allowance for pregnancy and childbirth

Women giving birth from April 1 should have expected a pleasant surprise – maternity services for more than two weeks were supposed to be free. The national health service was to pay medical institutions 8 500 hryvnia.

Moreover. The Ministry of health in January published a list of the services that will be provided for free during childbirth the mother and baby. It includes: physiological labour, emergency and elective caesarean section, condition monitoring of the mother and child, pain relief in childbirth, laboratory and instrumental examinations, intensive care in case of complications, mothers, etc.

The interlocutor of the edition Marina from Nikolaev, which is preparing to become a mother, says that in order to be ready for anything, she registered at a forum of young mothers. It was discussed separately, were someone from 1 April to give birth for free, and no one has yet admitted. “All as one say that doctors have taken money and take. Apparently, I’m on this forum for free first born won’t either. Today I contacted my doctor he told me straight: in practice, the rules on free birth is not valid. And called fees: natural birth – 10 thousand UAH, cesarean section – 15 thousand UAH, the midwife – 1000 UAH separate, private room – 1000 UAH per day, plus 200 UAH for “Housewares”.

The Marina said that judging by the reviews of new posts, the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth are paid, but with the help single mothers get pad. After all, every six months, this assistance will have to restructure, however, the period of quarantine she was supposed to be renewed automatically. However, in practice it turned out that it all depends on the region, as in some cities and regions of extend and pay, and others have offered to come after quarantine.

Unemployment benefits

In the event of unemployment for a period of quarantine, the minimum allowance will increase from 650 to 1000 UAH, said the Director of the Kyiv city employment center Victor Bilic during an online briefing. “We’re waiting for the Ministry of justice will register the decision of the Board of the Fund in case of unemployment, which this amount is increased from 650 UAH to 1000 UAH. Those who received payments in March for 650 UAH, after March 12 this amount will be recalculated, increased by UAH 350 and duplacey. And so it will continue entire period of the quarantine and 30 days after its completion. This support from the state’s poorest citizens.”

He also stressed that the state today makes the procedure of granting and receiving help. According to him, the size of unemployment benefits depends on the costume work experience of the applicant and also the size of his official salary. Moreover, the maximum payment may not exceed four minimum subsistence level for able-bodied person, making 8 408 UAH.

Payments to pensioners

As for retirees, they are worried that they have not paid the increase to pension officials only suggest to be patient.

In addition, according to the newspaper, promised 500 UAH were not all pensioners over 80. Interviewed several Kiev old, and found that the money received only one.

It is noted that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky April 1 signed the law №540-IX “On amendments to some legislative acts aimed at ensuring additional social and economic guarantees in connection with the distribution of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)”, BP took it on March 30.

Thus, the law specifies a surcharge by up to 300% of salary to doctors and other employees who are involved in the treatment of patients with coronavirus. Also have to pay employees social protection of the population, providing services to citizens in your home – up to 100% of wages.

The document also provides for the continuation of all welfare benefits for a period of quarantine.

Quarantine thousand

As for “quarantine of thousands”, it is the Ukrainians promised the decision of 1 April 2020, No. 251. According to him, the poorest pensioners will receive the promised President of the fee due to the introduction of quarantine in Ukraine – UAH 1000. The payment should be only once, but it can count on elderly Ukrainians whose pension is not less than 5 thousand UAH.

However, half of April has passed, and the money is still there. Recently the Minister of social policy of Ukraine Marina Lazebnaya said that the Parliament 13 April adopted amendments to the budget that will provide for the payment of one-time assistance. “After the entry into force of the amendments will need about 5 days to begin payments. The decision of the Parliament gives the possibility to allocate more than UAH 10 billion to pay a one-time assistance in the amount of 1000 UAH more than 10.6 million people.”

Thus, the Ukrainians next week will be able to “quarantine thousands.”

“Help is here”

The Ministry 16 April announced the launch of the information platform of “relief, charging” during quarantine to provide targeted assistance to the most vulnerable segments of the population, namely single pensioners and the disabled, single-parent families with children up to 14 years, including children with disabilities.

So, citizens have the opportunity to contact the hotlines and provide information about needs for products, personal care products and household chemicals.

Ask for help, please call

  • Kyiv 380(94) 145-50-23
  • Vinnitsa region 0800-216-433
  • Volyn region 38(0332) 778-139
  • The Dnepropetrovsk region. 38(056) 720-94-48, 38(056) 720-94-45
  • Donetsk region 38(066)587-17-19, 38(099)724-99-81
  • Zhitomir region 38(0412) 47-47-54
  • Transcarpathian region 38(0312) 63-10-31
  • Zaporozhye region 38(067) 613-70-50
  • Ivano-Frankivska region 38(0342) 53-51-18
  • Kyiv region 38(095) 026-21-83
  • Kirovograd region 0800-500-238
  • Lugansk region 38(06452) 3-00-11
  • Lviv region 112
  • Region of the Nikolaev 38(0512) 56-30-80
  • Odessa region 38(048) 728-33-77
  • Poltava region 0800-500-620
  • Rivne region 38(0362) 401-543
  • Sumy region 38(0542) 77-92 – 09
  • Ternopil region 38(068) 356-13-62
  • Ternopil region 0800-750-408
  • Kharkiv region 38(057) 705-00-26
  • Kherson region 38(0552) 26-16-17
  • Khmelnytsky region. 0800-502-958
  • Cherkasy region 0-800-508-876
  • Chernivtsi region 38(066) 996-36-33