What kind of candy do not need to eat

Dietitian Elena Solomatina told what sweets can harm your health. In the first place is the desserts, which combine the sugar and TRANS fats.

Какие сладости вообще не нужно есть

— TRANS fats are liquid vegetable oils, which by chemical reaction with hydrogen made solid. They are used in the confectionery industry under the name “pastry fat” or as margarine. This is all that is added to cakes, pies, and cakes instead of butter, mixing with sweeteners and synthetic flavors, she said.

Donuts too unprofitable, because they are fried in boiling oil, often in transire. To the stuffing add chemicals that mimic the taste and dyes. Sweetness with bright color and the smell definitely do not apply to natural products.

— Similar products budget as TRANS fats and chemical flavorings coupled with dyes cost quite a bit. But this cake — just a “bomb” for the stomach — warned the doctor.

Imported marmalade with a bright color and resembling gum, also do not need to eat, said Solomatin. In such sweet use chemical thickeners.

Harmful, according to the doctor, and carbonated beverages, as a matter of fact “is a liquid with lots of sugar and chemical additives, which was subjected to aeration”. In addition, in a sweet soda Cola there is phosphoric acid, which leaches calcium from the body.

— Not just worldwide known American drink is good to clean toilets — it dissolves calcium plaque, — said the doctor.