What kind of diseases signal the dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can indicate the presence of diseases that must be treated.

О каких болезнях сигнализируют темные круги под глазами

Many people face a problem when in the morning under the eyes there are bags or dark circles. Very often, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can affect their availability, but sometimes dark circles are the first symptoms of the disease.

The so-called dark circles under the eyes is blood vessels, which Shine through the thin skin of the eyelids. Their appearance is due to different factors:
lack of fluid in the body;
eye fatigue caused by long work behind the monitor;
low hemoglobin;
diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
the abuse of alcohol and energy drinks;
kidney failure;
age when subcutaneous fat becomes thinner, and blood vessels begins to Shine through;

If dark circles do not disappear – it is an occasion to pass inspection. Specialist to find out what the cause of this trouble and prescribe the appropriate treatment.