What kind of food can trigger dementia

The causes of this disease, science is still not fully understood. But every year there is information about all the new risk factors, including food.

Какое питание может спровоцировать старческое слабоумие

Senile dementia is called a set of diseases characterized by memory loss and damage to mental abilities of the brain. The most common include Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Another unifying factor is the gradual progression and the impossibility of using any therapies to stop the process. Senile dementia is incurable, it can only prevent but not cure. It turns out that in this question particular attention should be paid to nutrition.

Especially dangerous are the diet with a high salt content. Because of this the food of a man constantly increased blood pressure, develops hypertension, she can be considered one of the risk factors of senile dementia, as the disease affects the vessels in the brain. Studies have shown that salt diet disrupts cognitive function, causing a deficiency of nitric oxide, which is very important for maintaining vascular health of the brain.

Reduction of salt and salty foods in the diet has a positive effect on various aspects of health, including brain function. And if you want to provide additional protection from senile dementia, do not consume more than 4-6 grams of salt per day, of course, given the total volume of salty foods.