What laws will take effect in California in 2020

With the beginning of 2020 in California will come into force new laws covering such issues as housing, possession of weapons, health and more, says 10news. Most of the law will start to operate on 1 January, but some later.

Какие законы вступят в силу в Калифорнии в 2020 году

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The rent control: in accordance with the law, AB 1482 California communities without rent control will now be protected by means of state control. Rent increases will be limited to 5% per year plus inflation and never exceed 10%. State law does not apply to housing built over the past 15 years.


Health care for immigrants: California is the first state that will offer coverage for adults Medicaid low-income from 19 to 25 years, regardless of immigration status, according to the law SB 104.


Purchase price: the sale of related firearms, will increase in California 31,19 dollar in accordance with the law, AB 1669, the money will be used for regulatory and enforcement activities related to firearms.

Purchase weapons: according to the law AB 164, any person who is forbidden to buy firearms in another state are not allowed to buy such weapons in California.

Possession of weapons: anyone who owns a firearm, which will make the house a child or a “prohibited person” can be charged with a crime and denied the right to own a gun for 10 years in accordance with the law SB 172.


Minimum wage: in accordance with the law SB 3, workers with minimum wage will get a raise: wage in California will increase from 11 to 12 dollars per hour for businesses with fewer than 25 employees and up to $ 13 per hour for larger companies.

Workers higenamine: the law AB 5 requires that employees or independent contractors are considered employees if the employer controls their work, if the work is part of the core business of the company, or if the employer directs the employee in their job.

Hairstyle at work: the law SB 188, California becomes the first state to ban discrimination in the workplace and in educational institutions for natural hair or hair texture, including pigtails and similar hairstyles.

Forest fires

Blackouts: the law SB 167 requires that such utilities like SDG & E, have been developing solutions to mitigate the impact of power outages for people with disabilities that require special needs in power supply, and allows these companies to provide backup resources or financial assistance to these clients.

Center warning of natural disasters: the state Department of emergency situations and the Department of forestry and fire protection will create a center for the integration of the forecasting and analysis of threats of forest fires in accordance with the law SB 209 to data collection and dissemination, as well as to predict and prepare for forest fires, with the use of the network statewide.


Adoption veterans: the fee for adoption of animals for military veterans will be cancelled in accordance with the law SB 245. In accordance with the law shelters will confirm the right of a veteran using valid California driver’s license designation “veteran”.

Animal testing: SB 1249, the law prohibits the sale of cosmetic products with ingredients tested on animals after 1 January 2020, but does not apply to products sold around the world, if the animal testing required by law.

Driving a car

As reported by NBC Los Angeles, the law AB 317 illegal to sell or offer for sale is scheduled to visit the DMV (this practice is common because of the huge queues — ForumDaily).

The law, SB 957 allows certain second-hand vehicles which were previously issued green or white sticker (clean air vehicle), to obtain another sticker that allows access to the lanes of vehicles of large capacity until January 1, 2024. However, to be eligible the vehicle must have the new owner was an income 80% or less than the average income of the state.

The courts will no longer have the authority to cancel, restrict or order the DMV to delay the right to driving on motorways persons convicted of prostitution, vandalism or other crimes not related to driving, since the adoption of the law SB 485.

The law AB 1614 extends pilot program for evaluation of economic efficiency and use of alternative license plates and registration cards before January 1, 2021.

The drivers who are in the diplomatic service of the United States, as well as their spouses, will benefit from the law, SB 267, which extends the validity of their driver’s license for the period of service and up to 30 days after their return to California.

AB 1810 allows anyone with a valid driver’s license or permit of any class to control the scooter. Driver license class M2 or permission is no longer required.

Drivers that are approaching or passing the stationary vehicle to service the waste needs will change lanes and drive at a safe distance in accordance with the law of AB 2115.

The law of AB 544 creates a new program to provide vehicles with low emissions and a transition to vehicles with zero emissions access lanes with high congestion for about 4 years, regardless of level. DMV will issue orange stickers in 2020, which provide access lanes until January 1, 2024.


Since October 1, the Department of homeland security will require residents to have a Federal approved document, such as a driver’s license or REAL ID identification card, for landing on domestic flights and to access secure Federal facilities and military bases.

“We urge Californians to apply for REAL ID during updates or in the nearest convenient time — so they will be fully ready by October 1, 2020,” said DMV Director Steve Gordon.

To apply for REAL ID, residents of California must fill out an application form and visit the DMV office with the following documents:

  • the original or a certified photo ID such as valid passport or birth certificate;
  • the document(s) confirming change of name if the name identification is different from the name in other documents;
  • proof of social security numbers;
  • two proofs of residence in California such as utility bill, Bank statement, etc.