What leads to the development of cancer

For anybody not a secret that Breakfast is the most important meal throughout the day. He gives us a charge of vivacity and what we eat has a great impact on our body. The doctors tell us that the wrong foods for Breakfast can really harm your health, moreover, some of them even provoke cancer.

Какой завтрак приводит к развитию рака

So, sausages increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. Scientists conducted a study in which took part more than six thousand volunteers.

It turned out that the most popular meat dishes on the Breakfast — sausage, sausage, bacon — can cause malignant tumors of the pancreas.

Doctors say that consumption of 50g of bacon a day increases the risk of pancreatic cancer by 19%.

The risk of this disease increases with overweight and the presence of harmful habits such as Smoking.