What medications are categorically should not be taken together?

It is no secret that some medicines don’t mix to avoid unwanted consequences. The doctors identified several groups of drugs you should not take together.

Какие лекарства категорически нельзя принимать вместе?

Autumn is the period of colds and Allergy season. A simultaneously sick and suffer from allergic reactions. However, the physicians are advised not to take along medicines that help with these ailments. The fact that they have the same components. The “light” effect that you waiting for is lethargy and drowsiness.

Also, doctors do not recommend mixing antidepressants and painkillers. This can lead to gastric bleeding. In addition, this tandem is a dangerous risk of a heart attack, because taken together with a sedative and pain relievers provide an increase in the number of contractions of the heart.

Another undesirable mix — inflammatory and soothing. Mixing these medications can increase the risk of stroke and intestinal bleeding.