What medications cannot be used together


Many people self-medicate and trying to quickly get rid of the disease, taking medication completely incompatible with each other. Thus, they further exacerbate their situation.

Какие лекарства нельзя применять вместе

Doctors have called the most dangerous combination of drugs that can cause a person irreparable injury, or simply to kill.

Experts warn that in no case can not be combined with cough syrup and Allergy medication, since their composition is, in large cases alike. These medicines contain the same substances that act as sleeping pills.

Their joint use can cause the effect of excess of sleep, when the person simply is unable to work or to get behind the wheel of a car. This combination is invalid even before you sleep, as the morning person will find it difficult to stand and focus.

Also undesirable “mix” the doctors called antidepressants and painkillers. According to them, the use of such drugs at the same time dangerous. According to doctors, these drugs can cause bleeding in the stomach.

In addition, both medications affect serotonin levels, and among their side effects, such as anxiety, palpitations and fever.

Another dangerous combination is the so-called drugs against blood clots and aspirin. Drugs against blood clots are called anticoagulants, they are used to reduce blood clotting. And the purpose of them is to reduce the number of blood clots. Aspirin is also used as reduces pain, but it also thins the blood. However, this “couple” can cause internal bleeding.

If used in conjunction with paracetamol and opioids can so cause liver damage that will develop liver failure.