What mistakes should be avoided for fitness, told the experts

In the pursuit of a perfect figure and strong muscles, many hours of torturing yourself with grueling workouts and eventually not get the desired result. On how to properly conduct classes, and which in any case should not do — said the expert.

Какие ошибки не стоит допускать при занятиях фитнесом, рассказали специалисты

1. It is not necessary to bring themselves to exhaustion

Many people, especially those who first came on the sports track, I believe that the more time they spend in the gym, besides more and give increased load, the sooner they reach their goal. In practice all turns out differently. After a few days of such permanent loads, we just run out of power and he still loses enthusiasm. Experts believe that to keep your body in shape enough to just 2-3 times to attend fitness classes. It is worth to remember about a balanced diet.

2. Classes without a coach

Another mistake. After all, fitness is a kind of treatment. Incorrectly calculated the load can lead to various injuries and health problems. Trainer required to teach the correct technique of exercises, selection of suitable for you trainers etc. in the absence of opportunities to engage with a coach — will turn the video tutorials, which are rich in the Internet.

3. At the end of the workout — any food benefit

There’s a law for dealing with fitness to consume less energy than you expend. Just remember that a sharp transition from a large number of calories to a small, is a stress to the body. Cut the calories gradually. Correctly to reduce the calories by 20-30% from the norm.

4. “Why do I workout?”

Coming to the gym should not immediately rush to the bar, or jump on the treadmill. The body must be prepared, to warm up before the upcoming loads. Thus you will prevent injury to your body.

5. Only cardio

Indeed, doing cardio burns more calories than power. But many do not know that after cardiothoracic calorie burning stops almost immediately after the end of classes, and after power — calories continue to burn for another 1.5 hours. Besides, after cardio appears a ravenous appetite that is unlikely to quench water. And there to extra pounds is not far away.