What money will cease to take in Ukraine: the exchange took only a few weeks …

Soon Ukrainians will not be able to pay the usual coins and banknotes. Withdraw from circulation banknotes in denominations of one, two, five and 10 UAH. Also will cease to be a money one, two and five cents.

Какие деньги перестанут принимать в Украине: на обмен остались недели

In October, the month of Ukrainians expect from two cash innovations. Will no longer accept pennies denominations of one, two and five cents.

Penny is better to exchange in any Ukrainian Bank they will take up to 20 September. And in “Oshchadbank”, “PrivatBank” and “Aval” – until September 30, 2022-th. And those who do not have time to take a trifle longer be able to use them as intended.

“In addition, will begin a gradual withdrawal from circulation coins denomination of 25 cents. Unlike 1, 2 and 5, 25 cents will stay in cash circulation. They can pay off,” – said the NBU.

Appears the banknote in nominal value of 1000 UAH. The head of the NBU Yakov Smoliy, presenting the innovation, explained: the nominal incomes of Ukrainians increased, the hryvnia has lost some of its value, so it makes no sense to print one, two, five hryvnias. They wear out quickly, and the real purchasing power of those bills low.

“Given the growth of incomes and prices, the Ukrainians did not actually use coins of small denominations, but there was a need for a bill of higher denomination than 500 hryvnia,” – notes the regulator.

Gradually, Ukraine will withdraw from circulation 25 cents, two, five and 10 hryvnia. All this will happen before the end of next year. In parallel, it will appear coins are in denominations of five and 10 hryvnia. This will help to reduce the cost of the NBU to print money.

As reported in the national Bank, banknotes 1,2 and 5 UAH on the average serve only about a year. For comparison: 500 UAH, which are used less frequently and which are careful, you can “live” up to 8 years. Gradually “papers” are worn, the national Bank takes them out of circulation and print new. The print, which is a complex process with multiple levels of protection, sometimes spend more than “necessary” bill.

By the way, no cents will affect the actual cost of the goods. Prices have not changed, but the change has already started to round off. But now, this rule applies only if the cashier or the buyer is not the exact amount. And in October, when the little things cease to count money, rounding off in case of cash payment can not be avoided.

So, if the amount ends in cents from 1 to 4 cents, then the total purchase price is rounded downward to the nearest amount that ends in 0 cents. For example, if the sum of UAH 25 24 kopecks, and the seller and the buyer do not have cash, you can pay 25 UAH 20 kopeks. If the check is 25 UAH 25 kopecks, you will have to pay 5 kopecks more.

Refusal to cash. By 2020, the national Bank plans to increase the number of cashless payments up to 55%. Cash paying “gray” salaries, bribes, buying drugs, etc. Such payments are nearly impossible to track. For five years, starting in 2015, the plans of the national Bank to reduce the cash turnover almost doubled.