What not to do when cold

Stuffy nose delivers the big inconveniences known to all. Of course, we want to ease this condition and as quickly as possible.

Чего нельзя делать при насморке

Vasoconstrictive drops or sprays can be used, but no more than 3-5 days. If the nose is laid, then you need to go to the otolaryngologist, but we continue to use the drops and this is the greatest error, says the doctor Alexander Myasnikov.

According to him, this method of treatment leads to drug rhinitis, to cure which is possible only by radical methods, up to surgical.

The fact is, said the butchers, that the vessels of the nasal mucosa, you get used to the constant action of vasoconstrictor drugs and just stop working on their own. They are at maximum extension.

All of this leads to edema of the mucosa, which we again and again take sprays and drops, eventually becoming dependent on drugs. Ends up with any funds just stop helping.

It also follows resolutely refuse from onion or garlic drops, can burn mucous membranes. Warming can also lead to troubles, namely, to inflammation.

Butchers advised to rinse sinuses out with saline. The salt draws out mucus and takes it out of your nose. And the solution moisturizes the mucosa, not allowing to proliferate the virus.

Note that this method has contraindications. This, in particular, a very strong nasal congestion, a deviated nasal septum, polyps in nose, frequent nosebleeds, and any inflammation of the ear.