What not to do with personal hygiene

Correct intimate hygiene not only makes you attractive and confident, it helps to avoid health problems. How to avoid mistakes?

Что не надо делать при интимной гигиене

What not to do with personal hygiene, told the gynecologist Valery Lazovsky:

Excess of zeal and lack of attention to appearance.

You need to wash daily with warm water. Right to use special means for intimate hygiene. Ordinary soap and even children have a higher PH that creates a hostile alkaline environment. Wash yourself inside is not necessary, it is harmful to the natural microflora. Water jet should be directed from the stomach to the anus, and not Vice versa.

Excessive daily strips could be disaster.

Can occur rash, diaper rash and allergic reactions. No matter how “breathable” they were not, they impede air and moisture. The same applies to tight and synthetic underwear. From him is completely avoided, and gaskets use no more than four hours a day.

Apply intimate deodorants unnecessarily dangerous.

Deodorants drown out the smell. The smell usually occurs when there are diseases. Deodorant will not allow time to pay attention to this fact. While maintaining cleanliness and absence of disease your natural smell no need to mask. Use deodorants only in those cases when it is impossible to keep clean.

Means of intimate hygiene – not drugs.

If you experience the symptoms of a disease do not try to cure her “antibacterial” or “antifungal” hygienic tool. They are not designed for this. The maximum that you will achieve is stop the symptoms and disease transfer into a chronic form. If you suspect an infection, be sure to consult a specialist.

Under these rules, safe sex and proper diet your chances of staying healthy and attractive is increasing significantly.