What nuts can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer

Nuts, as a famous, very useful and nutritious. Details told by the dietician Elena Solomatina.

Какие орехи могут привести к циррозу и раку печени

The most useful nuts – walnuts, the doctor said.

— There are a lot of protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids. This is the only nut that contains fatty acid omega-3. Other nuts present to a greater extent omega-6. In addition, walnuts have iodine, — said Solomatin.

But the peanut is more complicated. It to classify nuts — err, it belongs to the legume family, but we traditionally call him by that name. According to nutritionist, it has advantages, for example, it contains silicon. But peanuts are very often infected with toxoid.

And in those countries where mainly feed on peanuts is typically developing countries, common cirrhosis. Peanuts are often called ground-nuts, it grows in the ground, in the damp, which, in turn, contributes to the development of mold and mildew that can hit, including the cells of the liver, stresses the specialist.

So peanuts can provoke the development of diseases ranging from cirrhosis to cancer of the liver, she added.

Brazil nuts have a lot of selenium, while almonds are good for the nervous system. It should be remembered that the bitter almond contains amygdalin, the toxin. Very useful pine nuts as they contain substances which are “misleading brains” of the saturation.

You need to remember that nuts are high in calories, so the daily rate — not more than 50 grams, and someone enough and 30.