What part of the salary spend on food in Russia, USA and other countries

As the author of the channel “Compare-ka” on “Yandex.Zen,” based on the comparison of only one minimum wage it is impossible to judge in which country people live richer, and some poorer. Therefore, the author took a walk to the “virtual supermarket” and gathered food basket. In all countries it will include the same products. Hereinafter in the first person.

Какую часть зарплаты тратят на продукты жители России, США и других стран

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Try to figure out what part of minimum wage goes to buy the same food basket in different countries. In addition, we will make some conclusions about the well-being of living in the countries.

The composition of the food basket and its price

Food basket is a grocery list that meets the minimum human need (in this case, adult) in nutrients.

In General, in Russia there is a special Federal law that establishes what products should enter in a timely fashion. Our current set is slightly different from statutory. I allowed myself such liberty to ensure the possibility of comparisons with other countries. We exactly this was going, right?

Basic food basket:

  • 10 liters of milk;
  • 10 loaves of bread;
  • 8 kg of vegetables;
  • 6 kg of fruits;
  • 6 kg of meat;
  • 1.5 kg of rice;
  • 20 eggs;
  • 1 kg of cheese.

By law to enter another fish, nuts, tea, oil, sugar and candy.

How much is this basket in Russia? At the beginning of 2020, its average price was $ 4725 rubles ($64). Great, so what part of minimum wage (SMIC) the Russians are spending to afford “the minimum requirement of nutrients”?

44,8% of the minimum wage after taxes. That’s as many complete basket of Russians. Last year this indicator was equal to 46.2 per cent. A positive trend, however.

And now the most interesting: compare with the world

Let’s start with the once-fraternal republics, see where you can buy food baskets, spending less money. Unfortunately, not all countries have been statistics.

The cost of basic foodstuffs, 2020

  • Estonia — 14,6%
  • Ukraine — 42,1%
  • Uzbekistan — of 253.8%
  • Turkmenistan — 67.3 per cent
  • Russia — 44,8%
  • Moldova — 50,1%
  • Lithuania — 17,7%
  • Latvia is 25.6 per cent
  • Kazakhstan — 58,7%
  • Belarus — 43,9%
  • Armenia — the 61.8%
  • Azerbaijan — 43,3%

The residents have 2.5 months to save up to afford one food basket. I think that if Kyrgyzstan were critical, we would see a similar picture. Sad situation.

EU members show better results. This means that there is to human well-being more careful approach.

Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are friendly gait, with approximately equal results. In the world ranking this allows countries to take 42, 44, and 40 respectively. In total, the comparison involved more than 100 countries.

In General, the countries took about the same place as when you compare the minimum wage. Let’s see what happens with the giants of the TOP 15 in terms of GDP.

Compare with the TOP 15

The hero of Mironov in the movie “the diamond arm” pants flick of the wrist turned into elegant shorts. And we have the TOP 15 becomes TOP 13. And here’s why: in China and Japan, the minimum wage differs depending on region of the country, so statistics are there to find failed.

However, TOP 13 in place and we can compare.

The cost of basic foodstuffs, 2020

  • Mexico — 44.7% of
  • Spain — 9,2%
  • Australia — 7.0% of
  • Russia — 44,8%
  • South Korea — 17.1 Percent
  • Canada — 11,0%
  • Italy is 10.3%
  • Brazil — 32,1%
  • France — 12.7% of
  • India — 59.6% of
  • United Kingdom — 7.3% of
  • Germany — 9.3% of
  • USA — 14.1% of

As in the case of the minimum wage, India insures Russia from falling to last place, and is adjacent to the us Mexico. Those countries that are considered “developed”, have rates above 20%.

Australians on the minimum wage can afford to buy 14 food baskets, that is, to provide for themselves for a year, and even a neighbor for two months to give the stock. This is under the assumption that products do not spoil.

Resident of India, living on the minimum wage will buy only one basket and to think, how to live on the remaining 40% of the salary until the end of the month.

The world is big, and depending on what part of it live – its underlying financial capabilities may differ dramatically.

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