What popular products should be avoided losing weight

Sometimes hunger overpowers so much that I want to forget about diet and nutrition, to quickly fill your stomach and get rid of the discomfort. The lack of a sense sitosterol provoke not malnutrition, and a number of other external factors, but we should also reconsider your diet if there wormed the instigators of the famine? It is about them on the page in Instagram told the nutritionist Helen Cullen.

Каких популярных продуктов стоит избегать худеющим

Among the foods may be those that aggravate the feeling of hunger. While they often suggest to people who want to lose weight. The expert presented a top 5 product variants provocateurs to avoid losing weight.

The muesli bars. Often people who want to lose weight, replace them sweets. Sense in this, it is also fast carbs and the sugar. Same as candy, they dramatically raise the level of sugar in the blood, and after a sharp rise, the sugar drops sharply, and the man quickly begins to experience hunger.

Yogurt and smoothies. Because of the light and liquid texture of the body does not recognize them as a full meal, they pass quickly through the stomach, and again there is a feeling of hunger. In addition, low-fat yoghurts contain a lot of sugar and artificial additives.

Dried fruits. Contain a lot of calories and are digested quickly, so hunger soon returns. Better to eat a few pieces as a dessert after the main meal.

Egg white. Often people reduce weight, avoid the egg yolk due to its fat content. In fact, the egg – perfect combination of fat and protein that is digested and does not harm the figure, if eaten in hunger and in sufficient quantity. If you only eat proteins, the body receives no vitamins, no minerals, no healthy fats, which causes the desire to eat something else to fill the balance.

Artificial sweeteners. In fact, if there’s no medical reason to replace sugar sweeteners can only reinforce the craving for sweets. This is due to the work of the dopamine system as a kind of pleasure and addiction.

The main thing – eat when hungry and as much as your body needs to satisfy hunger.