What popular products will rise in 2020

The national Bank forecasts inflation in Ukraine at 5%, but prices on many products can dramatically rise above this figure.

Какие популярные продукты подорожают в 2020 году

This is stated on the website of the Ministry of Finance, reports “Hvil”.

Ukrainians should prepare for higher prices for bread, cereals and dairy products.

2019 over the past year food prices have grown almost every month, according to the state statistics Committee, in November last year, inflation in potrebenko grew by 4.2%, as compared to the 2018 year — on-year by 8.3%.

While food prices have risen:

  • Vegetables — 34.7%;
  • Bread — 18.5%;
  • Pasta — 11.7%;
  • Milk — 10.9%;
  • Oil 10.5%;
  • Cheese and curd — by 9.5%.

Products that are cheaper:

  • Eggs — by 21%;
  • Fruit — by 4.3%;
  • Sugar — by 0.3%.

According to forecasts, the vegetables will go up this year.

Especially could grow potatoes, in the spring it can go up to 25 hryvnia per kilogram. In 2019, the Ukrainians planted potatoes much smaller than in previous years. Spetspredpriyatie also not eager to buy expensive equipment for cultivation of this crop. As a result, in Ukraine in September 2019, the price of potatoes increased by 10 UAH per 1 kg.

But the forecasts is open to question, because the Ukrainian government has increased the import of potatoes, only the November 2019, the country has imported about 190,000 tons, and it is 700 times more than in 2018. So by the spring it can drop to 7-8 UAH per 1 kg.

Dairy products. The price for dairy products could rise by 5-7%, because expensive raw materials. The rise in price of milk is due to the decrease of cattle, until the beginning of 2019 herd decreased by 6% in large farms and in private households — by 4.5%.

Bread. With rising prices of flour, electricity and logistics will increase prices for bread.

Meat. The head of the Association of retailers of Ukraine Alexey Doroshenko said that in 2020, the meat price will rise at least 2-3%.

“The main reason is the lack of effective demand. People are not ready to eat more meat and sausages on the market today there is a glut. So to raise prices nowhere” — said the expert.

Cereals. Buckwheat has risen by almost two times, the growth of prices for this crop will only increase. Rice, barley, millet — can rise in price by 10-20%. And the more it will increase the demand for cereals and more will increase the price of cereals.

Finally Doroshenko noted that the increase in food prices will be linked to the dollar, the lower he descends, the more supply and the lower prices fall.

“Previously imported food, was occupied mostly by high-and mid-segments, but this year due to the sharp strengthening of the national currency such food is already there and in economy class,” he said.