What procedures will help to lose weight?

Nutrition and training are the guarantee of gaining a slim figure. But modern technology sometimes to forget about these essential components of weight loss.

Какие процедуры помогут похудеть?

What procedures will help you lose weight and adjust the figure, will be discussed in our material.

Laser modelling

This procedure allows to reduce the volume of the body and to achieve the effect of rejuvenation. The essence lies in the fact that the laser promotes the breakdown of fat cells, stimulates collagen production, which improves skin condition. Such a procedure has certain advantages – even after the first treatment you can lose up to 5 centimeters in volume even in the most problematic areas.

Detox therapy

This is another useful for weight loss procedure. It includes the bandage wrap in combination with pressure therapy. As a result, the client receives a simulation of the silhouette, strengthen blood vessels, prevent venous insufficiency and improving skin tone.

Anti-cellulite program

Cellulite often affects those who wants to lose weight. To get rid of it by using special anti-cellulite treatments. They can be used to reduce swelling, to deal with local fat deposits, make the skin more elastic and smooth.


This procedure is considered to be one of the most effective that can make you slimmer. The procedure allows to get rid of fat traps, removing fat in the areas of the body where it for one reason or another is delayed – breeches, side areas of fat on the stomach, inner thighs, posterior surface of the shoulder. Under the influence of cold temperatures destroys fat cells, helping you to lose weight. The result can be seen after a couple of months

The procedure of lifting Ultraformer

This non-invasive procedure helps to lose weight. The method involves exposure of high-intensity focused ultrasound on problem areas. In the end, you can pull up the knees, inner thighs, shoulders. The effect can be noticeable almost immediately, but still depends on the individual.

Procedure Body Up

This procedure will allow to cope with the seals skin to regain its elasticity, reduce cellulite. It is performed using special active serum that helps to lose weight.