What products has risen due to quarantine

In grocery stores still continue to buy the products. In recent days the price increased the ginger, garlic and lemons.

Какие продукты подорожали из-за карантина

It is reported Gazeta.ua c the reference to the expert of the fruit and vegetable market Tatiana Getman.

Among vegetable set for borscht more than just price rose onions, its value increased compared to the previous week of 5.5 hryvnias. last week, the cost of onions was 7.5 UAH per kilogram,and today one can find 13 hryvnia.

High demand the Ginger, garlic and onion, these products people are buying, to protect yourself from respiratory illnesses. Average price of ginger now is 145 UAH per kilogram. Lemons are sold at 62 hryvnia, and garlic — 95 hryvnia for one kilogram of product.

The cost of onions has increased for the reason that began its active export to the countries of Turkey and Moldova, said the expert. Because based on his words,should not be attributed to his appreciation of quarantine measures and epidemic.

Slightly increased the price on products such as potatoes, beets and cabbage.