What seat the safest

Flying aircraft can cause fear in even the most seasoned travelers. However, in order to feel relaxed in flight, you can take the safest place in the plane — the middle seat. This writes Fox Business.

Исследование: какие места в самолете самые безопасные

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Statistics show that mid-sized venues, especially those located in the rear of the aircraft, historically, have the highest survival rates.

Thanks to the database analysis CSRTG aircraft accident the Federal aviation administration, was investigated incidents over the 35-year period. The middle seat in the rear of the plane showed the best results with a 28% mortality rate.

For comparison, the place with the highest mortality rate, about 44%, were on the aisle in the middle third of the plane.

When you separate the aircraft into sections, the analysis showed that the number of deaths in the rear third of the plane was 32%. The middle third of the plane had a 39% mortality, and the front one-third — 38% mortality.

However, survival is determined largely by the circumstances of the crash than seat position.

For example, if the tail of the aircraft takes the brunt of the crash, those who sit in this place, will naturally suffer most.

However, there have been numerous accidents in which the survivors and the dead were scattered throughout the plane, so many experts say that there are not “the safest place”.

Despite this, flying remains one of the safest modes of transportation, and becoming more secure due to technological advances.

“People have to fly on average once a day for 22,000 years, and only then, statistically, he will die in a plane crash,” said Dr. Arnold Barnett.

In the report for 2006 David Ropeik, instructor risks the Harvard school of public health, found that the annual risk of death in a plane crash is about one in 11 million.

Comparatively, the risk that someone will die in a car crash for the average American is about 1 in 5000.

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