What should be the diet to stay young longer?

Dermatologist Yael Adler (Germany) recommends not to hurry with expensive creams or cosmetic surgeries to obtain the anti-aging effect. In her opinion, the extension of youth effectively adequate food.

Какой должен быть рацион питания, чтобы дольше оставаться молодым?

Rejuvenation begins in your plate, says Yael Adler. She is convinced that diet can make a significant contribution to the extension of youth of the body.

“That is very important for a healthy and young body, is the right balance between omega — 3 and omega-6 fatty acids”, — says the expert on the portal Focus Online.

According to the dermatologist to stay longer young, you need to eat five times more omega-3 than omega-6. This ratio of fatty acids prevents inflammation in the body, which is the main enemy of good health and youth. The inflammation causes the skin and body to age faster and also paves the way for serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes or disorders of the cardiovascular system, says the expert.

Adler recommends looking for omega-3 primarily in fatty marine fish. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids anti-inflammatory effect on the body have spices like turmeric and garlic as well as fruits and vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli and berries. Their regular use also contributes to the extension of youth.

Omega-6 acids, according to experts, are mainly found in foods of animal origin, e.g. meat. Abuse significantly increases the risk of inflammation.

In addition to inflammatory foods, says the expert, it would be better to give up sugar, white flour, cow’s milk.

“A large number of dairy products increases the risk of acne, diabetes, dementia. To obtain a sufficient number of amino acids contained in milk, it is better to use fermented milk products such as cheese or yogurt,” said Yael Adler.

In addition, the dermatologist recommends always to consume dietary fiber that positively affect the intestinal flora, is another important condition for the renewal of youth.

“Anyone who wants to stay young and healthy for a long time, must follow a diet high in fiber. Soluble fiber promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. People with diverse microbiome will take longer to stay young,” says the dermatologist.

To strengthen and improve a good intestinal flora so-called “live” foods — kefir, kvass, Greek yogurt, not treated with chemicals plant foods.