What sport can extend life by 10 years


To answer this question, in Denmark, conducted an extensive survey database, which contained the answers people give to the question about their lifestyle, and sports preferences. The researchers then compared this information with data on the mortality of study participants. One of the obvious results was that people who are not involved in sports, as a rule, live less.

Какой вид спорта может продлить жизнь на 10 лет

However, very strange results gave the study of the relationship between the lifetime and individual sports. The most common sport among the Danes is Cycling, which adds almost four extra years of life.

Running, according to the study, extends the life of 3.2 years. However, even these types of physical activity are not comparable with the benefits of playing tennis, which gives additional 9.7 years of life, in badminton (6.2 years) and football (5 years). It should be noted that these indicators do not depend on such factors as level of education, socio-economic status and age of the person. The study authors can’t explain the causal link with the influence of different sports, but admit that the interaction with other people in games that require a partner or team, providing a unique and positive impact on the mental and physical health.