“What the hell!”: Polyakov is outraged act Danilko on “the X factor” (photo, video)

«Что за фигня!»: Полякову возмутил поступок Данилко на «Х-факторе» (фото, видео)

Was held the final stage of selection to the live broadcasts of the tenth season of the vocal show “X-factor” (STB). On this broadcast of the show learned their category, and also chose three members to their teams. During the anniversary season, will host five live broadcasts, which were 12 singers divided into four categories.

The first selection in my team “Girls” began Igor Kondratyuk. Sometimes judges ‘ decisions did not coincide with the opinion of colleagues and subjected to harsh criticism.

Is my game! exclaimed Igor Kondratyuk, unable to bear the review Olga Polyakova, worasinchai in response to his decision. — Will your — and decide for themselves.

It is no secret that Igor Kondratyuk originally wanted it got it is this category of participants.

— For the seventh year on the “X-factor” I say I don’t want to do groups, because I think it is a thankless task, — said Igor Kondratyuk. — You create a new group, and the viewer likely will not appreciate this. I like female vocals, so the choice of category, I am quite satisfied.

Ale from my category just bomber vocalist! Julia, the heroic girl — we’re still casting, because she thinks that my advice will not make her vocals perfect. I want to prove her wrong. But Maria has something that just catches — it could be a very interesting character, a singer and actress.

«Что за фигня!»: Полякову возмутил поступок Данилко на «Х-факторе» (фото, видео)

The team of Igor Kondratyuk joined: Elina Ivashchenko (17 years), Maria Stopnik (21), Julia Bordunova (22).

— I never thought I could pass in live shows, was sure to cure even in training camp — said “FACTS” after the selection , Yulia Bordunova. — But very pleased and happy that got to Igor Kondratyuk. Besides I like to fight with people with whom I have disagreements, and we with him they are.

The second formed his team Olya Polyakova.

— I swear to tell only the truth, — said Olga, from the selection to the group “30+”.

The large number of comments Olga has devoted to the singer George Koldun, recognizing that his talent and sense of humor — her favorite qualities of men.

I really wanted category “30+” because success in my career I started after 30 and I know that 30 years is not a sentence, but the beginning of a beautiful journey, — said Olga. — Sure at any age you can start to live your dreams, it’s never too late. The strength of my team in their experience, all they survived their loss, first love, who long ago died down. I really miss the young performers understand what they’re singing about. And when People Bazelyuk sings about a daughter or about broken love, because her husband died, trust her.

Or our lovely public servant Anya Ivanjica — did you see what kind of talent? Incredibly charming and Georgy Koldun — it’s a godsend, I even went to the better man project! My secret to winning is repertoire. I know that people should be given the right songs, but they make us stars, but without the right songs about you no one will ever know. I won four singing competitions, learned how to choose repertoire, you know what suits the people, and will use in the preparation of its members.

«Что за фигня!»: Полякову возмутил поступок Данилко на «Х-факторе» (фото, видео)

The team Olya Polyakova includes: Lyudmila Bazelyuk (47 years), Georgy Koldun (42), Anna Ivanjica (32).

— I can’t believe that I was held in a live — gathered here are very strong participants, — commented on the “FACTS” nanny family Polyakova Lyudmila Bazelyuk. — But they are mostly somewhere learn the vocals, and I just came from the street. Although I have a degree, I studied, played, was Outlook, but I missed my chance. I had to observe, how grows and develops Olya Polyakova and I knew that I too want. And now the day has come, I am very happy!

Nastya Kamensky will deal with the category of “Guys.” The actress was overjoyed about it that he jumped up from his chair and started jumping.

— You are now our table collapsed! — immediately responded Olya Polyakova.

— I am very happy that I got the category of “Guys” — admitted Nastya Kamensky. — Because guys have everything you need to win — talent, charisma, perseverance. Show “X-factor” for them is a cool chance to prove yourself. I have a lot of experience in show business and I know how to conquer their creativity not only Ukraine, but also millions of listeners worldwide. I definitely have something to teach them.

Team Nastya Kamensky entered: Artem Zabelin (28), Anton Velboy (19 years old), Yuri Kanalos (25 years). Recall that in the last season of the project is Nastya became a mentor-the winner in the category “Groups”.

«Что за фигня!»: Полякову возмутил поступок Данилко на «Х-факторе» (фото, видео)

I really wanted to get into the team to Nastya, — admitted “FACTS” after the selection Artem Zabelin. — It is more modern, as in the head, in the shower and the music, it suits me in spirit. Thus Nastya really wanted this year to take the category of “Guys”, so desires it, and mine came true.

But Andrei Danilko , the selection of participants in my category makes me nervous. Step away from the auditions from the category “Teams” the judge stated about his intention to leave the show “X-factor”. This decision was a hard Andrew hard, a few times he tried, but could not say the right words, secretly wiping away tears.

Guys, no offense, — said Danilko. — Now I feel like I fail. I’m so empty… And you realize how important this is to you. So I thought that would be fair if I must leave this project. Maybe there will be a new mentor who will really help you because I understand that the problem is me. I thought that now I have to choose someone… No, I’m not ready to do this… You are all talented guys, and I think I would be best to leave this project.

What the hell?! — unable to restrain his emotions Olya Polyakova.

After the above-said Danilko apologized and left the set.

Show is a show, but we all remain human beings and was incredibly hard after intense training, not to give up on stage the energy that has accumulated in the body for the entire day, confessed members of the group “Dial”. — So we were very offended. Even more to the circumstances than specifically on Andrei Mikhailovich. In any case, the tenth season without him will not be so. So we all hope that he will return to the project.

What about the category “Collectives” and who will be their mentor, will be known on Saturday, November 30, during the first live “X-factor”.

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