What to do if you constantly want to eat: dietitian gave advice on nutrition

The expert explained that can make it difficult to feel full after eating

Что делать, если постоянно хочется есть: диетолог дала советы худеющим

Often, from losing weight to hear complaints, like, “like do everything right, eat enough, but not eat. What is the reason?” Nutritionist Albina Komissarova suggested to understand the basic mistakes and told about ways of solving problems.

According to experts, the reasons can be many, and each has its own rationale. Here are some of them:

  • Perhaps you really don’t eat much. Very often there is the idea that there is a need, as the mouse: the saucer, the spoon also. Remember that a healthy adult for weight loss very rarely requires less than 1200 calories. You don’t have to constantly feel the hunger!
  • You eat not what you need. If your diet consists of vegetables, eggs without yolk and gluten-free bread and fill with oil to the salad for you, like death, it is understandable why you don’t gorge. Here we have a restrictive type eating disorders, and it is better to talk with a psychologist or at least a nutritionist to start.
  • Stress. If you are experiencing a difficult time in their lives: problems at work, misunderstanding in the family, this may be one reason that you do not gorge and eat more than necessary. Here also need to communicate with a psychologist.