What to do if you crack your joints

What is the reason and what to do not to earn myself a serious disease in the future.

Freedom of movement we provide nearly 200 joints.

Что делать, если хрустят суставы

Thanks to them we can run, walk, stand and perform any other movements. However, with age, joints wear out and lose their mobility. This process accelerate excess weight, carrying heavy loads, lack of exercise, poor diet and many other factors. To date, the diseases of the joints suffers every fourth inhabitant of the Earth. How to protect yourself?

Joint disease considerably younger. Arthritis, arthrosis and other pathologies can develop
to 30 years and even before! The first warning sign is the crunching during movement. Later it can join a feeling of stiffness and pain… what kind of place can hurt and how to eliminate the discomfort?

The knee joint

More than any other suffers from obesity. Every extra kilo on it creates six times the load! Help. Normalizes weight. The modern method of diagnosis and treatment of the knee — arthroscopy.

The hip joint

The health of the joint can affect even a small difference in leg length. Help. Problem is solved by the wearing of individual orthopedic insoles (they are made from a cast of the foot).

The elbow joint

Pathology of the joint (the“elbow”) face the people whose work is related to the constant strain on the muscles of the forearm and wrist. Help. It is necessary to reduce the load on the joint. Recommended heat treatments, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises.

The shoulder joint

It hurts the habit of wearing heavy bags in one hand. Besides, it is a favorite place for deposits of calcium salts. Help. Split deposits helps to shock wave therapy.

What else can help to prevent joint diseases?

A change in diet

There are foods that help prevent inflammation of cartilage and destruction of joints. It is a fatty fish and vegetable oils containing fatty acids omega-3. To maintain the elasticity of ligaments and muscles, is responsible for the activities of the joints, drink more water. Very useful for the joints of orange, pomegranate and pineapple juices. Often eat low-fat dairy and dairy products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, hard cheese). They contain calcium needed to repair cartilage. And not to spoil the effect of the medicinal products, try not to eat starchy foods, smoked, spicy and animal fats.

Gymnastics for joints

These exercises help restore mobility of joints and strengthen muscles.

Lie on God. Tear off the hips from the floor and simultaneously lift the arm and leg leaning on the elbow of the second arm and on the side of the knee of the second leg. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat 10 times on both sides.
Lie on your back. Right leg bend at the knee, put your foot to the floor, tear off the hips from the floor and raise your left leg. So 20 times. Then change your leg.

Suggest that modern doctors

Today there are completely new remedies and methods of treatment, radically changed the situation in the treatment of diseases of the joints. First and foremost is the appearance on the pharmaceutical market of various glucosamine-chondroitin complexes. Appeared first as BAD, they have successfully passed clinical trials and was subsequently registered as medicines. These funds effectively help to restore cartilage. Excellent results showed intra-articular injections — introduction to artificial joint cavity of the synovial fluid. Finally, the undoubted success of orthopaedic surgery. Already a well-established surgery to replace joints, and are all more advanced articular prostheses (artificial joints).

Time to go to the doctor. Arthrosis and arthritis is different in nature of the disease. If the first affects only the joints and is associated with age-related changes in them, then arthritis is the inflammatory process that is not dependent on age, which affects not only the joints but the heart, liver, kidneys. That is why it is important to begin treatment.