What to do to joints did not hurt

Most joints are suffer from saturated fats, excess salt as well as abnormal loads. In this therapy often brings relief, but not eliminates pain in the joints completely.

Что делать, чтобы суставы не болели

The doctors think that the joints are easier to protect from problems than to treat them. Modern methods of treatment are not always able to cope with the pain and other problems which can cause the joints. In addition, the treatment of the joints sometimes very costly.

To keep the joints healthy, you need to exercise. But it is important to prepare the joints to stress with a workout. If you work at a computer, at least occasionally knead the brush. For this you need to cross the fingers “lock” and make the circular movements of the wrist, as well as up and down. Enough to do it in just a minute, but at least a few times a day.

Another key aspect of joint health is nutrition. Saturated fats stimulate the inflammatory processes in the body. Often the cause of joint problems are these processes. Especially dangerous TRANS fats, their chronic use increases the risk of arthritis. It is necessary to control the use of these fats. They are found in processed foods, all fried and deep-fried dishes, pastries and flour confectionery.

On joint health is affected by salt. If diagnosed with any rheumatic disease, salt intake should be reduced to a minimum, and better to completely renounce salty foods. For healthy people, the recommended intake of salt is up to 5 grams per day, but statistics show that the vast majority eat far more salt.