What to eat and drink to avoid a hangover: 6 active tips

In pharmacies sold a lot of drugs that help with that hangover. But you can do without “chemistry”. To avoid trouble in the morning after meal will help the food and drinks.

Что есть и пить, чтобы избежать похмелья: 6 работающих советов

A hangover is due to dehydration and exposure to toxins. To avoid it, of course, is easy — just not to drink alcohol. But if holiday want, then prepare in advance.

  • Asparagus

Studies have shown that amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are contained in abundance in asparagus help prevent hangover and protect the liver.

Portion of asparagus and the chance of a hangover are greatly reduced.

  • Vitamins

Better if it’s fresh fruits and vegetables, but also a course of vitamins on the eve of major feasts also save you from a hangover. Will help the vitamins and defeat undesirable syndrome, if to avoid it has failed. Vitamins purified from the ethanol and lead to normal nervous system. Therefore, experts advise citizens to a hungover Breakfast with meat, fish and eggs. These foods are rich in b vitamins.

  • Soda

Where is she in this list? Even a child knows that sweet soda water useful zero, and “chemistry” more than enough. Explain! Scientists from China in the course of laboratory studies have found that Sprite increases the activity of an enzyme that breaks down acetaldehyde, which gives a heavy effect on the morning after alcohol party.

  • Water

Not to be sick with a hangover you need to drink… Water! Cool water not only quenches thirst, which inevitably occurs, but helps to expel all the resulting toxins from the body. Cells will be cleaner, and mind and stomach quiet.

  • Oxygen cocktail

There are studies confirming that beverages that are rich in oxygen to help drinking. Moreover, both before and after intoxication. The liver from the oxygen cocktail is purified, the blood begins to circulate more quickly, bringing out of cells all the stuff. In addition, these drinks is an effective way to sober up faster.

  • Light refreshments

This is about the alcohol selection. Experts have found that a significant role in the emergence of a hangover is played by the choice of beverage. It turns out that light beverages are less toxic to humans. For example, dark beer has stronger body than a light lager and whisky, white vermouth. The fact that the dark alcoholic drinks often contain by-products of fermentation (if smart — congeners). They are more toxic.