What triggers the kidney disease

That person is running kidney disease, he often finds out all of a sudden, because, as already reported, the disease at an early stage develops almost asymptomatic.

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What triggers the kidney disease?

Obesity is when excess fatty tissue begins to produce components that reduce vascular tone and excess fat puts pressure on kidneys, hindering their work.

No better than rapid weight loss, as the buds are protective adipose capsule. When losing weight, fat layer becomes thinner, and the buds become vulnerable.

Diabetes — due to high blood sugar load on the body increases, the kidneys are rapidly being depleted.

Nicotine and alcohol — alcohol dehydrates the body, thickens the blood, forcing the kidneys to work in emergency mode. Smoking generously supplying toxic substances.

Hypothermia is the main cause of pyelonephritis. To disease also result to hygiene, abuse of spicy, fatty and smoked food, transferred to the legs of the disease.

Pyelonephritis is an infectious inflammatory disease of the kidneys, which occurs in the propagation of pathogenic bacteria from the lower divisions of the urinary system. This is a very serious disease, accompanied by severe pain and greatly impair the health of the patient.