What violations can speak tinnitus

Tinnitus or tinnitus is the term used to describe ear noise, usually heard only victims. It is not a disease, but a syndrome that can have many causes, from stress to infections and hypertension.

О каких нарушениях может говорить шум в ушах

Tinnitus takes different forms: hum, buzz, hiss, knock, ringing, and more. The intensity with which the sound sounds can also vary from subtle to very loud. Some people with tinnitus also suffer from vertigo, nausea and vomiting, deafness, sudden hearing loss, pressure in ears, headaches. In most cases painful ear noises extremely subjective, perceived only by the individual.

Doctors distinguish between acute tinnitus — lasting more than three months. Subacute — from three to twelve months. If the tinnitus lasts longer than a year, is a chronic noise in the ears.

In most cases tinnitus is the result of an overload of the ear, for example, after a loud concert. A constant finding in headphones, too loud continuous sounds often cause tinnitus.

Causes of subjective tinnitus can be a variety of phenomena, from mental stress to serious diseases such as tumors.

So, noise in the ears may indicate that there are problems such as:

If you are sure that your tinnitus is not related with stress, then visit the doctor – the otolaryngologist or physician. Perhaps the desired result will give ear cleaning. Either need further examination.