What will be the course March 16

The official exchange rate on Monday, March 16, is set at 26,089 UAH/$, which is by 23 kopecks above Friday’s course.

Каким будет курс 16 марта

According to forecasts by Bank treasurers, on Monday on the interbank foreign exchange market will be held in the range 26,10-of 26.30 UAH/$.

Rate on the interbank market

On Friday, the interbank market opened at the level of 26,09-26,11 UAH/$. Further quotes showed multidirectional movement with a General tendency to increase until day high of 26.16-26,19 UAH/$ by the end of the session.

Reference rate as of 12:00 was 26,0668 UAH/$.

“On Friday, trading opened with the pressure of increased demand for the course, therefore, the NBU announced the re-auction for the sale of $200 million, which temporarily reduced the market participants awaiting the outcome of the auction”, – told UBR.ua Director of Treasury Bank Credit Dnepr Oleg Kurinnoy.

At the auction weighted average rate made up of 26.03 UAH/$. Total volume of submitted bids amounted to $98.1 million, approved applications for $63,7 million, the Market reacted to the results of the auction of further growth of quotations, which forced the national Bank to re-sell the currency at the exchange rate of 26.15 UAH/$.

“In the end of the financial week ended closely on approaches to the level of 26.2 UAH/$”, – added Kurinnoy.

The amount of free liquidity declined by UAH 3.7 billion and amounted to 206,4 billion UAH, while the remains of banks at correspondent accounts with the NBU decreased by UAH 5.4 billion – up to UAH 46.3 billion, and the volume of liquidity, the NBU mobilized through Deposit certificates, increased by 1.6 billion UAH – 160,1 billion.

In exchange rate

Continued to grow and the dollar exchange rate in exchange offices. On Friday, the cash market opened with quotations 26,35-26,50, and by mid-afternoon they rose to 26.50-26,60 UAH/$.

The rate on the black market

  • USD 26,394/26,610;
  • EUR 29,251/29,549;
  • RUB 0,349/of 0.363.

Stock markets

The Euro against the U.S. dollar on the international currency Forex market on Friday, March 13, decreased relative to the previous fixing on 0.6% to the dollar of 1.1115.

In the global stock market has continued to witness upward movement in stock market indices, experts say. Investors act out of hope for alleviating the world’s major financial regulators monetary policy.

“In particular, the U.S. Federal reserve announced measures to increase liquidity in the REPO market and willingness to pour into it two days to about $1 trillion. ECB until December 2020 will increase the package net purchases assets of 120 billion Euro”, – said UBR.ua head of Department of Analytics GK Forex Club Andrey Shevchishin.

American investors played also evidence of declining consumer sentiment the University of Michigan in March to 95.9 points from 101 in February and forecast at 95 points.

“US stocks in early trading session on platforms like high leverage Forex brokers, add to this background a 3.3-3.8 per cent. Western European stock indexes are rising evening by 4.6-5.7 per cent to the previous close,” – said the Shevchishin.