What will be the main components of the basket on Easter

The price of Easter baskets in 2020 will be approximately 620 hryvnia, and in the case of adding vegetables, bottles of red wine and apples will reach 801 of the hryvnia.

Сколько будут стоить главные составляющие корзины на Пасху

This was stated by the Director of newscentre “Institute of agrarian economy” lupenko.

He said that the set of basic products will cost more than 88 UAH. than a year earlier.

Lupenko said that 1 kilogram of cake homemade will cost about UAH 96. For the product from the store will have to pay more because it may have different ingredients and finish.

The scientist explained that the price of the cake in 2020 increased due to the cost of components and increasing the cost of resources for bakeries and the hype for products during the quarantine in Ukraine.

According to his calculations, the highest value in the cart will have homemade sausages — 118 UAH./0,5 kg pork — 110 UAH./0.5 kg. For the year, they rose by 13.5% and 12.2 %, respectively.

0.5 kg of fat you will have to pay about 48 UAH. butter — 85 UAH. cheese — 75 UAH. soft — 55 UAH.

The average price for a dozen eggs is 20 UAH. The cost of hell will remain at the level of 2019 and will be approximately 12 UAH.

In the case of filling the basket additional components, its price will amount to UAH 801., which is 12.7% more than last year.

0.5 kg of apples on average would cost 7 UAH. greenhouse tomatoes — 25 UAH. cucumbers — 29 UAH. The cost of a bottle of “Kagor” will be about 120 UAH.