What will be the maximum amount of unemployment benefits due to coronavirus

As measures for the prevention of coronavirus has led to the fact that businesses across the country have ceased their activities, many Americans are trying to adapt to new conditions in the labour market, reports Fox Business.

Какой будет максимальная сумма пособия по безработице из-за коронавируса

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This means that people lose their job or they cut the hours.

Only two weeks 10 million Americans filed applications for unemployment benefits, the number of which will grow in the coming weeks.

The positive news is that the Federal government has approved a big package of Federal aid by several billion dollars with multiple programs, including the historic increase in unemployment benefits.

Americans who are out of work for reasons associated with the coronavirus, can receive an extra $600 per week for four months.

Payments vary depending on state and income level, but the average payout is about $364, according to the American action forum. This means that the average person will find that his income rose to $964.

However, some States are more generous.

California Governor Newsom said during a press briefing that in his state, in accordance with the extended assistance plan, employees can receive up to $1,000 a week. Weekly payments in the state range from $50 to $450, which means that a person can potentially receive $1050.

In new York, where the coronavirus has caused great damage to the population, the maximum payment is $504, so people can get $1104 to the new program.

In new Jersey the maximum benefit that a person can receive is $1 313 ($713 + $600), while in Washington state— $1 390 ($790 + $600).

In addition to increased support from the Federal aid provides an additional 13 weeks proposed by the government after the benefits of the state no longer provided in the framework of the compensation for unemployment in emergencies. This means that if the state pays unemployment benefits for 26 weeks, the period will be increased to 39 weeks.

In addition to those not working or working part-time for reasons connected with coronavirus, benefits will be extended to self-employed, employees, workers of major companies and other individuals under the new program.

Will also be sent checks for $1 200 us households, which is expected to begin to receive benefits on their accounts, starting from the beginning of next week.

As reported ForumDaily:

  • The Senate approved an unprecedented package of economic assistance of $2.2 trillion, which will go to business, workers and systems of health affected by the pandemic coronavirus.
  • The bill was supported unanimously, despite concerns on both sides, that the measures proposed were too ambitious or, on the contrary, not ambitious enough.
  • The vote was preceded by several days of negotiations amid a national crisis that Washington had not previously encountered.
  • The 880-page document is the draft law on economic assistance in U.S. history.





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