What will happen to fuel prices in Ukraine

In the fuel market of Ukraine already a month of stable prices for gasoline, but constantly becoming cheaper LPG for the last week and added diesel fuel prices, which in some areas decreased significantly – 20-25 UAH/L.

Что будет с ценами на топливо в Украине

On the subject of, well, what are the drivers further, the experts ‘ forecasts vary, writes Today. Thus, the expert Gennady Ryabtsev sure that the stability in gasoline prices this week continues, diesel may fall by 25-30 kopecks./l due to small networks of petrol stations (up to 25,65-25,7 UAH/l), same is likely to fall in the price of liquefied petroleum gas (to 11.30 UAH/liter).

“But on the gas, the lower limit value is almost reached, therefore its price at retail to the end of the week stabiliziruemost,” – said Ryabtsev.

Sergey Kuiun also confirms that retail prices of gasoline are unlikely in the week will change, liquefied natural gas may fall by 20-30 kopecks./l, but the decline in diesel fuel prices may slow down and even stop for three reasons.

First – in January our major wholesalers have not chosen the contracted amount and now get them at a higher price than the current February price. The second reason has still not signed a final agreement on oil supplies from Russia to Belarus, which provides a third of the Ukrainian market of diesel fuel. It is fraught with decrease in supply when in the spring the farmers will increase the demand for diesel. And the alternative supply by sea can be more expensive than the Belarusian. And the third reason – not later than 21 February the Interdepartmental Commission on international trade (mkmt) under the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture must make a decision on the complaint from the largest Ukrainian producers of petroleum products on the introduction of protective duties of 8.46% of the Russian diesel fuel.

“May be three options: the complaint will be denied, will manufacture and launch an investigation, finally, simultaneously with the investigation impose preventive duties. This uncertainty is unnerving market participants. Therefore, do not exclude that in the medium term, diesel will go up again, – said Sergey Kuiun. – But this week its retail price may not change or reduction in price will be a point”.