What will happen to the economy of Ukraine without IMF loan

The Minister of Finance, Sergei Marchenko said that without cooperation with the International monetary Fund, Ukraine will not announce default.

Что будет с экономикой Украины без кредита МВФ

About Marchenko said in the program “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster”.

“No, not (default — ed), but it will be very difficult,” — said the head of the Ministry of Finance.

Sergei Marchenko also confirmed that Ukraine’s cooperation with IMF depends on the adoption of the so-called “anticolonial” law.

We will remind, the law on banking, which the media called “anticolonial”, because they will not allow to return to former owners of nationalised banks was adopted in the first reading.

But for the second reading of the law the deputies have filed more than 16 thousand edits.

Sergei Marchenko stressed that today Ukraine has all that the law was passed.

As the Minister of Finance in response to a question about why Ukraine does not carry out restructuring of the public debt said that this is not possible.

“At the moment there are no conditions for the restructuring not. Debt load is completely manageable. We understand what is happening. We are at the final stage of negotiations with the International monetary Fund, we expect the credit support of the world Bank, the European Commission”, — said Marchenko.