What will happen to the price of gasoline

Active hunting of illegal filling stations in Ukraine continues to be a positive influence on gasoline prices in Ukraine. And not only it. The experts of the fuel market believe that while price stability of gasoline and diesel fuel will continue. While Gennady Ryabtsev does not exclude that the liquefied gas can be cheaper, and more.

Что будет с ценами на бензин

“One reason is abroad, especially in Poland, where Ukraine imports large volumes of LPG, and where many poles heat them with housing, gas demand fell due to the warm winter – analyzes Ryabtsev. – The second reason is a significant reduction in price of gasoline in Ukraine, which is the ratio of gas price to gasoline almost reached the critical 50% (now 45 to 47%). Therefore, gas traders and reduce the cost on the background of excess supply and low demand in the winter.”

According to Sergey Kuyun, now on the market stocks a lot of fuel, despite a decrease in imports, for example, diesel fuel in January brought less than 40%, so some megaprimer to expect in the coming days is not necessary.

“Against further declines in the price of fuel is played by the appreciation of the dollar, against the increase in prices – cheaper oil and agreement of traders with the government on legalization of the fuel market, – says Kuiun. – Traders while there is a stock on the margin, therefore, I exclude any price movement upward, even if the dollar will rise on the hryvnia.

As you can see, the fuel market has again entered a period of stability. And if you do not intervene, some unpredictable factors, to buy fuel in reserve is not necessary.