What will happen to the price of water

Utilities Kiev, Vinnitsa and other cities last week announced the adjustment of tariffs for cold water supply and sanitation.

Что будет с ценами на воду

As the Wave passes, it writes the Ubr.

It is noted that according to the assumption in 2021, average tariffs could rise by 20%, but the national Commission argue that all calculations will be rechecked, and the prices on cold water may rise slightly.

It is reported that after discussion, the calculations will give the Commission, followed by inspection of the data. Thus, they will be analyzed two to three months, and then the controller will send its objections.

“If, for example, the water utility says: I want a salary of probation 25 thousand UAH per worker, we check and say, sorry, it will be 16-17 thousand UAH. Vodokanal says: we want a 40% increase in repair Fund, and we check is confirmed whether the costs of a plan for repairs, what kind of repair work, Refine cost estimates”, – said a member of the national Commission Olga Babiy.

While the national Commission for increasing tariffs do not see a compelling reason for the next year. It is also noted that the reagents are more expensive, more of a place of their savings. Besides, the current rate is already incorporated compensation for the losses due to the rising cost of electricity in 2018, and the growth of wages to employees already have taken into account the current rates.

Member of the national Commission Olga Babiy said that the problem of water canals, whose statements cause scandals is the lack of communication. As for the procedure of approval of the tariff, it has several stages and will be completed only by December 25.

It is emphasized that this time can be changed and the price of electricity and the same reagents. In NKREKU note that even after the approval rate is monitored quarterly, and monthly maintenance of its structure, whether there are grounds for price reduction or appreciation. However there is one cause that can really become the reasons for the rise in price of the tariff is the investment component, the amount of which is determined by municipal authorities.

Concerning the calculations for the following year, they served until June 1, but a rigid framework. Nothing prevents to apply them later, explaining the delay, for example, the same quarantine.