What you can and can’t eat on an empty stomach

Not everyone knows that some foods are better not to drink in the morning on an empty stomach — they can harm your body. That is best eaten in the morning on an empty stomach, and what better to abstain, on his page on Instagram said the dietitian Alla Manikin, who previously told about popular sweeteners.

Что можно и нельзя есть натощак

What is recommended to drink on an empty stomach:

This is definitely a drinking glass of room temperature water (with lemon) – it will Wake your stomach and prepare Breakfast, if you have problems gastritis/ulcer, no lemon.

Flaxseed oil on an empty stomach – quite a controversial point, but it helps in cleansing the liver and intestine, but is contraindicated in gallstones. So better add a spoonful of oil just for Breakfast.

Green smoothies are smoothies that have greens, vegetables, fruits. For example, my favorite combination: spinach, celery, kiwi, banana is a great start to the day, and in General the first Breakfast especially for those who can’t/won’t eat in the morning.

What not to eat and drink on an empty stomach:

Cold water causes a spasm of the vessels of the stomach.

Sweets – sugar, which instantly raises the level of insulin in blood, and he rushes faster to transfer this excess carbohydrates in visceral fat.

Fruit juices (especially citrus) – not only do they irritate the empty stomach + the same effect as sweet as the juice is actually liquid sugar (fructose).

A glass of water with honey – you know, like people do. Why? The effect is the same as described above about sweets and juices.

Coffee getting in an empty stomach, coffee irritates its mucosa, in response, begins to produce gastric juice and, if no other food in the near future in the stomach is not ingested, it begins to “corrode”. If you do this every morning, problems with the gastrointestinal tract not long to wait.