What you need to add in meals sesame

Sesame seeds are very small, but their health benefits are huge. Their use gives anti-aging effect, reduces body inflammation, protects against the development of heart disease and cancer.

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Scientific experts have called a minimum of four health properties of sesame seeds, reported the portal Food.news.

Anti-aging effect. Sesame seeds are loaded with antioxidants that counteract oxidative stress, which is associated with age-related phenomenon, fatigue, muscle tension, and a decrease in cognitive functions. Studies have shown that consumption of sesame seeds helps the body to resist these phenomena. In turn, the addition of sesame seeds in the diet of patients with osteoarthritis have reduced the inflammation and reduced the level of biomarkers of stress.

Reduction of pain and inflammation. Experimentally sesame seeds helped reduce markers of inflammation in patients with diabetes receiving standard treatment with insulin. In patients with painful osteoarthritis of the knee the use of sesame seeds for two months led to a decrease in pain.

Strengthening the heart. Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, which is connected with prevention of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Three tablespoons of sesame seeds provides 12 percent of your daily recommended consumption of fiber.
Seeds contain healthy fats, and two plant compounds — lignans and phytosterols affect cholesterol. Because of the consumption of sesame seeds in the body decrease the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, which are risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Another risk factor of heart problems is high blood pressure. Sesame helps with its promotion. Its compounds, vitamin E and other antioxidants prevent the formation of plaques and narrowing of the arteries. In addition, sesame seeds are rich in magnesium, which can lower blood pressure.

Anti-cancer protection. Sesame seeds contain more lignans than flax seeds, they are considered rich source of. Lignans are biologically active compounds found in plants and foods and has chemoprotective and anticarcinogenic properties. In tests it was found that sesame seeds have contributed to the decrease in the size of breast tumors: their lignans called apoptosis, programmed death of the tumor cells.