What you should know about elections in Canada (PHOTOS)

Что стоит знать о прошедших выборах в Канаде (ФОТО)

The liberal leader Justin Trudeau toured conservative leader Andrew sheer and won on the last Monday of 43 General election in Canada. The liberals won the most seats of all parties, but did not reach the vast majority of seats in the government. This means that the second term of Trudeau to enact laws the liberal government will be more difficult.

As the deployment campaign Party new Democrats under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh has achieved considerable success in the elections, increasing the credibility of his party throughout the country. But this is not reflected in the actual seats in Parliament.

Total, the liberals won 157 seats (they did not have enough 13 to become a majority government) (33% votes), the conservatives received 121 location (34% of the vote), the Quebec bloc won 32 seats (7.7% of votes), the New Democrats 24 seats (15.9% of votes), green Party 3 seats (6.5% of the vote).

In fact, on ensured the victory of the liberals in the split by country. Map voting is now painted in red of the liberals in the East and gradually moving to the West, painted in blue the colour of the conservatives.

Popular vote, as of midnight, reflected obtained during the pre-election survey data was approximately 34% conservatives 33%, liberals. But the distribution of these votes in the constituencies was in favour of the liberals, and Ontario ultimately secured them the victory, almost two-thirds of all earned the party seats had been received there.

Conservatives got their place in Western Canada: Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia.

Federal elections are seen as a referendum on Justin Trudeau, which was complicated in terms of reviews for the first time, still tainted by the scandal.

Biggest Trudeau scandal was the resignation of two senior women Cabinet Ministers: Jody Wilson-Reybold, his attorney General and her allies, Jane Philpott. Wilson-Raybould resigned after he stated that it was improper pressure from the Prime Minister, his office, other Ministers and senior government officials to intervene in the criminal case against the Montreal engineering giant SNC-Lavalin. Philpott soon followed. Trudeau eventually expelled the two women from the liberal Assembly, but they were trying to get re-elected as independent candidates. Wilson was re-elected in a tough three-way race in Granville, but Philpott was defeated in Markham Stouffville.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President, Donald trump has already expressed greetings in his official Twitter account Justin Trudeau.