When, after returning home from the delivery ward, she found a letter from her husband on the table. She did not know what would happen next with her life

“Anna, please forgive me. I'm not ready to raise four children. I wanted a son, and you ruined all my hopes. “

 When, after returning home from the delivery ward, she found a letter from her husband on the table . She didn't know what would happen with her life

Three years ago, I married Adam. He is handsome, brave, has a beautiful smile. He treated me and the daughter of my first marriage, Marta, very well. We walked in the park together, had dinner at the restaurant and had a lot of fun together. Then Adam offered me to live together and we soon became a family. After a while I found out that I was pregnant.

– We already have a daughter. It would be good to have a son now – said Adam.

– Honey, the most important thing is that the baby is born healthy, and the son or the daughter do not matter & ndash; I told my husband.

Soon it is time to give birth. I went to the hospital earlier. Apart from me, there were two more women in the ward & ndash; Natalia and Anna. Anna had a difficult time & oacute; d. Not only did the woman go through her first season at the age of 36, but she also had to give birth to twins.

Natalia was very worried, she hardly slept and cried all the time. The woman was afraid to give birth alone and asked for a caesarean section. The doctor reassured her and promised to act according to the circumstances. Anna and I had contractions almost at the same time. We were taken to the delivery room. I was very worried about my neighbor, who panicked. Hence, I hardly noticed my contractions.

All the doctors gathered around Anna. Nobody paid any attention to me except the midwife. My face turned out to be easy and I soon gave birth to a son. A healthy, beautiful baby. After some time my neighbor Anna gave birth. There was real panic around her. The woman gave birth to three girls. M & oacute; j her husband knew m & oacute; j por & oacute; d started in the morning and stood by the window every five minutes, annoying the nurses.

– Congratulations, Dad. Your wife almost broke the hospital, you have triplets. Your wife gave birth to three beautiful girls, said the nurse and went about her own affairs.

For a long time I couldn't understand where my husband was missing. He didn't come to me. I kept calling the home phone but no one answered. Marta was taken to hospital by her mother. Nobody understood where my husband had disappeared. I realized that something happened to Adam that cannot be undone. I lost my milk from stress.

On my way home from the hospital, I saw a note from my husband on the table. And everything fell into place. & ldquo; Anna, please forgive me. I am not ready to raise four children. I really wanted a son and you ruined all my hopes “- my husband wrote to me.

At first I couldn't understand anything, and only then it occurred to me that the nurse mistook me for a neighbor, also called Anna, and told my husband about the birth of triplets. I laughed at this strange incident, but then I cried out, realizing that my husband had wickedly betrayed me and fled from the hardships. I am going through this tragedy very hard. I wish that the man I thought was the best husband in the world turned out to be an ordinary fellow who only cared for himself.

It's been 3 months. I've already shaken up and somehow I'm coming back to life. I started laughing and enjoying life again.

“Good son that your dad showed his worthless nature at once.” After all, it is possible to betray us in any difficult situation & ndash; I wailed loudly to my son.

Adam showed up four months later. He called me:

– Hi. Is it true that you gave birth to my son and not three girls?

– I gave birth to a son and you are useless here & ndash; I said.

& ndash; You have no right to hide my son from me & ndash; Adam shouted indignantly.

– Listen to me carefully and remember, you have no rights. Neither to me nor to my son. I have already applied for a divorce and the removal of your parental rights. I added your note to the case file & ndash; I told my husband.

& ndash; There is nothing you can do & ndash; he shouted into the phone.

– I will defeat you in court. Erase my phone number and you'd better not show up in our lives. Otherwise you will face the consequences – I threatened my husband and hung up the phone.

I blocked his number. I didn't open the door when he came and forbade him to come to us. He is a real bum, nobody, because he was afraid of such responsibility. He just packed up and left me with the kids. I couldn't trust him anymore.

What if he leaves me again tomorrow? No, now I will only rely on my own strength. I hope my son becomes a real man, not a scum like Adam.

What would you do if you were a woman? Should she give Adam a second chance?