When and where you can see the dazzling fire waterfall in Northern California in 2020

Famous fire falls in Yosemite national Park in Northern California will be seen within two weeks in 2020. This writes Only in Your State.

Когда и где можно увидеть завораживающий огненный водопад в Северной Калифорнии в 2020 году

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This year, cult of fire falls, as expected, will be visible within two weeks, so you have to find the time to see it. A strange phenomenon that turned into a beloved tradition when the lights on the water falls as if it burns.

The beauty of the waterfall in Yosemite national Park is not a secret. This is one of the most popular places in the Park. However, you can see it in one of the most rare forms when you visit it in February this year, when he turns into a fiery waterfall.

Waterfall, located on the East side of El Captain, is a seasonal waterfall which flows only in winter and early spring. To see him coming down the hill El Captain two, 1500-foot (460 m) rivers, is always fascinating. And yet, it becomes even more exciting within a certain amount of time in February.

Visible almost every year in February a fiery waterfall happens to be when the sunset falls directly on the waterfall and illuminates its fiery red glow. It really looks like a waterfall of fire.

Catch this stunning effect can be difficult. It’s only visible at night when the sky completely cleared of clouds and fog, and the sun must set at the right angle.

If all conditions are perfect, then there will be a fire waterfall — but only for about 10 minutes, so make sure your camera is ready. Everyone knows that a fire waterfall it happens from year to year, it is expected that in 2020 it will be visible from 12 to 28 February. It is assumed that the best time for viewing will be February 22 between 17:28 and 17:40.

There is no special places for viewing this spectacle, although a picnic area in El Capitan, is certainly one of the most popular places for viewing. You can truly stop and adjust the point of view of almost anywhere in between Yosemite waterfall and picnic area. To view this phenomenon does not require any permissions or permits.

If you’re planning a trip to see the falls, don’t forget to dress warm and be prepared to get there early.

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