When GOD SENDS US the right man…the most beloved and most awaited

Когда БОГ ПОСЫЛАЕТ К НАМ ТОГО САМОГО мужчину…самого любимого и самого долгожданного

Fate sends us different people, we strive to find happiness with each of them, but disappointed and don’t understand what went wrong, why the circumstances so happened that for all the rosy prospects you suddenly break up. Time passes, and sometimes quite a lot, before you realize that this lesson was sent by fate, learned. So, as it happened — the inevitable option, and is only trying to argue with fate, to predict it, i.e. not to pass this lesson, and to burden the theory with practice, but anyway — it’ll still happen. From your life will leave something important with those who are important brought. And then, someday, you will understand that it was supposed to be, you will know why and will agree.

Life even very self-sufficient woman blossoms and becomes even brighter when in her life comes to the guy. All free women want to meet a man, such with which it will be different, which all should be okay, right? The majority believes that destiny meeting looks like this: “something inside me clicks. I will feel it…”

You probably think so too…

But the sad news is that much clicks, covers, Torquay and blows the roof only when you come karmic man practicing. There’s so clicks that will not pass. And immediately think that’s it… I feel… But 95% of women after these clicks, it turns out that HE is a just bad karma, which then only hurts!

How do you know that your life came the same man that You need, which You will develop and unfold as a woman?

Let’s start with the fact that whatever men may come into our lives, they are not accidental, necessary and very useful, but they come with different purposes.

Conditionally they can be divided into three large groups, that was clear.

The first group of Men-teachers

They come to us to learn something and still be in our lives exactly as long as the lesson is not passed. They can be all sorts: good, evil, married, numbing your brain, breaking your personal boundaries, humiliating you or endlessly cause you pity, etc.

They will teach you the feminine qualities of self-worth, believing in yourself, protecting its borders, the proper alignment of relationships with men.

It may be one man, and maybe a few with the same lesson. If a woman of stubborn, this man is giving her as a husband, or just for a very long time. But as soon as she gets out of her script and is a necessary lesson, this man goes out of her life, are all conditions that they parted. Because now in her life must come another man and, most likely, not for lessons, and for a normal life.

The second group of karmic debtors

Sometimes in life women come to men with whom she has a karmic debt. And in such a relationship, either she pays a lot because owed, or the man displays a lot of emotions, feelings, experiences or even resources, but the woman to him there is no love, no tenderness, no heat. Sometimes you know how it is impossible even to disperse people if they have something short they are kept together so they finally filled each other and released.

As soon as the necessary exchange of energy (karma, money, time, feelings) took place, they also bred.

I had a client who had a good relationship with her husband, they lived well together, giving a lot to each other, he filled her with faith in herself, and she gave him rear and feminine protection. And one fine evening they came home from work, sat down opposite each other and saw that everything, you know, more of them together holds nothing, there was only gratitude for the years together. And nothing more… They broke up six months later, they both had a couple that they have gone a very powerful development, and now they’re family and are still very good friends, rest together. Sometimes, but this is the best option.

And mostly it so happens that the woman go crazy on any man that is often to it feels nothing and she starts to love him, pray for him, to do the practice to invest a ton of energy thinking that he is the most. And she can’t do anything that constantly gives, either physically or energetically.

And in this relationship you just need to step back and send love to this person, continuing to live my life and not think that this is it.

A third group of men — men for life

This is the group we need. Men for life are the ones that fill us that we give something that we disclose, which is necessary to live, build a family, to develop. Now we are talking about a good option for development and discovery of the woman in her nature.

Sometimes a woman must pass through two previous groups to Mature for a man.

We, women, often develop very immature relationships with men just because we don’t agree to pass your lessons and wait for the necessary time in your life when it comes to what we need. And then the woman either agrees to anyhow man, or living in their illusions and expectations of the Prince.

It is important to understand that a decent man will come when you at least a little polished feminine or practices, or a good education.

Relationship with the “man for life” can also be complicated and confusing, but there are several factors that you can understand that this man is really needed now in your life and that relationship with him will bring you benefit.

This does not mean that this relationship will be the end of life, but it certainly shows that the man is clearly not an occasional visitor in your life.

How to understand that man for you?

Successful women who live with decent men, say that it wasn’t clicking, there was no illumination from heaven: “O God, it is!” it wasn’t even crazy love. It was a gradual relationship, which was not the savage, rush, madness and everything that you see in the movies.

A first signal that becomes clear in General whether you need this man. This signal is security.

Next to your man you will feel safe. This is the base and Foundation, without it’s not worth going. Your man can be average build and not have any Kung Fu skills, but with him you feel safe, you’ll know that if something happens, you will not give offense. Moreover, a man can belong to some kind of dangerous profession, but when you’re near it, you will stop thinking about your safety, because it will take care of that. It is laid by our female instincts, we are looking for strong so he could protect our children that we were not scared to give birth, so that if something happens, ie back, which you can hide.

This is the essence of all women safety.

Many men are offended when women go for their money, power and position in society, but there’s nothing judgmental, this is a common psychological overcompensation. The woman is just looking for security, and since she can’t rely on a man, she at least seek refuge in money, because money is also power that can protect.

So, if you have a man feel and ask yourself honestly, do you feel safe with him? When there is a sense of security, a woman can relax, and when she relaxes, it reveal her best feminine qualities: fervently, female spontaneity, nice smile, carefree girlish joy. Surely every ever actually living it.

This man will reveal to You the feminine qualities, or better said, your best feminine qualities will reveal themselves.

When the next will be the “right” man, You want to cook, to dress, to follow him. You will begin to awaken the natural feminine qualities, the desire to serve, to be soft, gentle. Without any additional knowledge You will want to give him a massage, meet with the work, even if You were a bold woman who is herself the head. It happens so spontaneously and naturally, with a deep inner desire that many women simply cease to know themselves. They open in what seemed not at all ever. What we learn in training could in and of itself without any knowledge to join, if you next will be Your man.

You will look better.

Yes, that’s right… You like beautiful clothes, a million trinkets in the form of jewelry and good creams, but it will not even care. The case is in your state, and possibly after one of the nights with it, you will get a little shaggy, not having time to paint and bring a Royal styling, but you will have a warm smile and a stunningly radiant look and you will be the most beautiful woman on earth at this moment. After you will turn around and shut up.

If in a relationship with a man you no longer want to care for themselves, I want to wear sweat pants, tie a bun and eat everything, saying “I’m next to him relaxed” is very disturbing, to no good he will not finish. Sometimes such situations are useful, and you can be with the man relaxed and in such a vulnerable form, but if you want it always, therefore, man does not run you need States. This can be achieved, of course, independent efforts, but we are talking about a good option and when it’s good — we have such things happen automatically.

Your injuries will be healed.

If a man is “yours”, it will overwrite your energy matrix of past relationships, filling your inner space with his energy. And you would seem that his relations did not exist, you will all remember, but it would seem that it was in a past life. Energy dependence, traces of bindings from one male treated with love and acceptance of another man. I saw it in its energy practice. Not only the women love works wonders, love men too are capable of much. In addition, you will have power for inner transformation, and this will start you in the process of forgiveness and letting go, and may you have the strength to forgive and to let go of a huge number of grievances in your life, because now you do not need this goods and want to fill the interior as a state of grace, gratitude and warmth.

You will start loving yourself more.

When a man is ready to give to woman, to love her, to invest in it, then after a while, when will her mental rehabilitation, she will begin to see yourself through the eyes of others, she will see a valuable, beautiful, meaningful, and most importantly loved, and her self-esteem will begin to rise, the woman will be revealed in a stunning new light.