When in my personal life all bad: Miley Cyrus confessed his love to animals

Setbacks in his personal life literally stalking Miley Cyrus. First she divorced her husband Liam Hemsworth. After him, the singer began a relationship with Caitlin Carter, but her and Miley just broke up.

Когда в личной жизни все плохо: Майли Сайрус призналась в любви животным

The other day on his Instagram Cyrus wrote a great message about unconditional love. Fans immediately wondered if this has any relevance to someone from her former lovers. However, Miley wrote about Liam or Kathleen, and Pets.

To Wake up surrounded by animals ― it’s my favorite way to start my morning. I immediately remind myself about the need to love unconditionally,

― said the singer.

She also believes that the best animal is that they don’t care about the details.

They live by the Golden rule: love and be loved,

― says Miley.

Cyrus wrote that animals do not ask about wealth, career, talent, age, race and gender. They just give love, which sometimes turns out to be thousands of times stronger.

All they ask is to be cared for. In return, they give loyalty, reliability and faithfulness (someone reminds me),

― says Miley. The recognition of the singer’s love of animals is very touching.

Recently a source said that after the breakup with his girlfriend Miley wants to be alone and dive into a career. According to the insider, the singer in his time away from Liam Hemsworth for the same reason. Cyrus is reluctant to focus on themselves.