When Loud joins René Lecavalier

When Loud joins René Lecavalier


It's simple. I loved. I loved. In fact, I really liked the ceremony to launch the Canadiens' season.

In all, about twenty well-packed minutes, without too many crying sweets, just the right amount of emotions, which ended when the youngest captain in history came to set the Bell Center on fire with the torch of the Glorious .

The whole thing was already very good. But the concepts inside the big rollout were even better.

It's part of my other career to find new ideas, adapt trends and create moments. I have just completed a documentary series on the Canadian-Nordic rivalry and throughout these two years of work, the team and the production had to reinvent themselves. Art is difficult and criticism easy.

I wanted to know who was behind the brilliant idea of ​​the “Original” or the “Original One”, which reminded all Quebecers that hockey was born in Montreal even before the birth of the Canadiens, who themselves won a Stanley Cup before the founding of the National League.

And this beautiful head of loud

An idea is not enough. It must be developed, coated and served, carefully choreographed and timed.

There was no chance in any image we served on Wednesday night. Jon Trzcienski, VP marketing of the Canadian, and Paul Gallant, a kind of producer since he pays the bills, worked hard to arrive at what you saw.

With the help of the Sid Lee agency, they thought of Loud to say the text in voice over on the images. Loud is a young Quebec rapper. Very popular with young people. We even hoped to write a Tell Meon him. 

We wanted a young person to bridge the gap with the great tradition. It was therefore a young rapper who recalled that hockey was born in Montreal, that the Canadiens are even older than the National League, that Guy Lafleur was the most loved, that Jean Béliveau was class incarnate and that everyone Quebec has for the CH the eyes of Chimène for Rodrigue.

I winced when I heard that it was here at the Center that the story had happened.

“It's been 27 years since the Forum was abandoned. My own son doesn't know the Forum,” replies Paul Gallant.

“And basically, the Center is the Canadian's last home. But it's at home that the Canadiens wrote history,” added Gallant.

Cooperative players

I didn't no space to dwell on this, but I did note that Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield and other youngsters lent themselves to the demands of the production. 

To know the production, I know how long it can take to get those shots for the final video.

“The players have been great. We approached them at the beginning of September when they were coming back to town. They are always cooperative in these projects. Pronouncing words in French was difficult for Cole Caufield. He never took a second of French lessons in his life. Suzuki is already more comfortable”, explains my second favorite producer in town. 

The first being Charles Lafortune. 

That said, we had to work and still work. The shoots required five or six rehearsals. All the technique, camera positions, lighting and the rest, five or six rehearsals as well and the whole ceremony required 10 to 15 rehearsals with extras so as not to tax the players too much during training camp.

The inclusion of generations

One who was particularly happy was France Margaret Bélanger. The president of Groupe CH represents the Canadian on the inclusion committee of the NHL.

“This time, we succeeded in including the generations,” she underlined yesterday.  

It is not her who said… but Loud came to join René Lecavalier and Richard Garneau on the ice…

And I really liked it.

When Loud joined René Lecavalier