When pensioners will receive a one-time fee

Pensioners whose pension does not reach 5 thousand UAH, in April, will receive a one-time payment in the amount of 1 thousand UAH, said social policy Minister Marina Lazebnaya during the briefing.

Когда пенсионеры получат одноразовую доплату

“Since April will be made a one-time payment of UAH 1,000 to pensioners whose pension does not reach 5 thousand hryvnias. These pensioners have more than 10 million, the same payment will receive more than 400 thousand recipients of social assistance. Persons with disabilities from childhood children with disabilities and recipients of social pensions,” said Lazebnaya, UNIAN reports.

The Minister also said that in may, the government will conduct the indexation of pensions. The indexation rate will be 11%. “Our second initiative – may we will conduct the indexation of pensions by 11%. After indexing the guaranteed increase will get 7 million pensioners”, — said the Minister.

In addition, Lazebnaya said on the introduction, may surcharge in the amount of 500 UAH to their pensions for the 1.5 million pensioners over 80. “In may we set a Supplement to the pension of one and a half million pensioners aged 80 years or more. This will be a monthly pension Supplement in the amount of 500 hryvnia. I want to point out that 1 thousand hryvnias, and the indexing of Pension Fund holds automatically, so no one, nowhere to turn,” — said the Minister of social policy.